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Everything you need to know about the seventhings app.

Our new seventhings appWe are happy to announce that we launched a new app. Here is what´s new.
How can I create a new room in the app?This article explains how you can add a new room via the app
How I can overwrite the scancode?How to assign objects from your imported list to an seventhings scancode.
How can I sign a document in the app?This article explains how to sign a document using the app.
How do I assign a task in the app?This article will explain how you can assign tasks to your colleagues directly from the app.
Where can I see the tasks assigned to me in the app?You can now also view and edit your tasks in the mobile app. We will show you how to do this in this article.
How can I add objects using the app?In this article, we explain how you can add new objects using our app.
How can I add a document to the object using the app?In this article, we explain how you can attach a document to an object using our app.
How can I synchronize objects, fields and rooms with my app?The synchronization shows you whether all the data in your app is up to date.
How do I turn the vibration on and off?The app offers you haptic feedback when scanning objects. Here you can find out where to find the function.
How can I trigger the synchronization in the app?You would like to trigger the synchronization between the seventhings app and the software? Here we'll show you how to do it.
How can I update my seventhings app?We are continuously improving and updating our app for you. Therefore you should update your app regularly.
How can I reset the app or all objects?This is how you can reset all data.
How can I use the front camera to scan?With iOS it is possible to scan with the front camera as well, and this is how it works:
How can I save pictures in my library?You can save pictures that you take with the seventhings app in the media library on your smartphone.