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How can I log in to the app?
How can I log in to the app?

Learn how to log in to the seventhings app here.

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Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the seventhings App.

You can find how to do it here.

seventhings (blue icon)

As soon as you open the app, you will land on the welcome page where you have to enter the URL of your seventhings instance.

Once you have entered the URL, a screen will open for your login details in seventhings, i.e. your e-mail and password.

Please make sure that everything is entered correctly, as this is the most common cause of a failed login.

seventhings Offline Mode (white icon)

  • Before you can log in, you must enter your URL.

iOS: Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner

Android: Click on configuration below the login button

  • Enter the seventhings URL of your company (e.g. and confirm with 'done'.




You will receive your seventhings URL from us as soon as you have registered.


If you forgot your password, go to the web version and click on "Forgot password"
or click here for the article.

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