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How do I see which objects are still to be scanned in a room?
How do I see which objects are still to be scanned in a room?

The seventhings app helps you with the statistics function so that nothing is forgotten during the inventory.

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The statistics display is super helpful to find out which objects of a room have already been recorded and which you still have to scan.

seventhings (blue symbol)

To see which inventories still need to be scanned in a room, you must first specify which room you are in. To do this, navigate to the "Inventory" scan interface via the scan icon in the centre of the app bar at the bottom.

Here you have two different options to select your actual room:

  • You can scan your room label and add an actual room under "Your selection".


  • You can click on "Actual room" under "Your selection", marked red in the screenshot, and search for the room manually in your room structure.

Once you have selected the room you are in, click on the room's statistics. In the following screenshot, the area is marked in red.

You will now see a list of all inventories that have been found, that have not been found and that are "new" to the room".

seventhings offline mode (white symbol)

That's how it works:

  • Open the app and log in

  • Click the statistics icon in the lower right corner



The statistics menu shows you all objects whose target room is the room you are in and sorts them into open and done.

The statistics menu shows you all the objects:

  • under OPEN, which should be found in the room but have not yet been scanned (i.e. do not yet have an ACTUAL room).

  • under DONE, which have already been recorded or scanned in the room you have selected (i.e. have an ACTUAL allocation to the room).


Some objects should be in a room (e.g. target room = R101) but have already been scanned in another ACTUAL room (e.g. R201).

In this case, the object is listed in the statistics of room R201 as "scanned" and no longer appears in the statistics of room R101.

Note that you must have made a pre-selection of the room. How you can do that is written here.

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