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Can I scan with industrial scanners?
Can I scan with industrial scanners?

Our app is also compatible with industrial scanners and easy to use.

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Especially with large and frequent inventories, industrial scanners can make scanning your objects even faster, easier and more efficient. We'll show you how this works and give you a recommendation for the best scanner.

All smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems as well as mobile data terminals (industrial scanners) under Android can be used as scanners.

There are slight differences in the scanning behavior, in the speed and the available features as well as the accessories.

We currently recommend:

Zebra TC 21

Jarltech | Zebra TC21/TC26

More information about the scanner is available here.

The scanner is used like an Android smartphone.

It offers you the option of scanning with the front and rear cameras using an ergonomic button on the side, as well as scanning various types of codes quickly and easily using the integrated reader in the front.

In addition, the devices are water and dust protected and can withstand falls, cold and heat without any problems.


If you buy your own scanner independently from seventhings, a configuration by us is necessary. Please contact our support if this is the case.

As usual, the seventhings app can be installed directly from the app store on the device and used to the full extent of Android.


If you would like to connect the scanner to an RFID reader, we will show you how to do it here.

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