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How can I add a document to the object using the app?
How can I add a document to the object using the app?

In this article, we explain how you can attach a document to an object using our app.

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The new app allows you to save documents directly as attachments in the object.

To upload the document, first make sure that it is already on your mobile phone.

Please note:

Please make sure that you have created a corresponding attachment field for your object. You can choose the settings for this in the field definition (objects) in the web application.

And this is how it works:

First open the app and log in with your personal login details.

Then navigate to the dashboard icon in the navigation bar and select search objects.

In the search bar, enter the scan code of the object to which you would like to add the document. Then click on the object to open the detailed view.

In the detailed view, navigate to the field where you can add the document, in this case to the attachment field.

Choose the storage location on your mobile phone where the document is located and then select it. The document is added as an attachment to the data record.

Confirm the change with Save.

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