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Zebra CS6080 pairing and scanning
Zebra CS6080 pairing and scanning

How to connect the scanner to a smartphone.

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The ZEBRA CS6080 is a compact handheld scanner which makes scanning in low-light conditions as well as hard-to-reach labels easy.


  • To pair and scan, you firstneed to install the seventhings app on your smartphone. Make sure that you have the latest version installed and click update if not.

  • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone

  • Take the scanner out of the charging station

For iOS

  • Open the seventhings app and navigate to "Settings" , "Advanced" , "Barcode".

  • Scan the following barcode with the scanner:

  • The scanner now appears among the devices to be paired in the app and can be selected there

  • Confirm the pairing

  • You are now connected to the scanner and can start scanning


The scanner may not be visible in your Bluetooth connected devices. This doesn't automatically mean that the scanner is not connected.

Just check in the seventhings app via "Settings" , "Advanced" , "Barcode" if the scanner is connected.

For Android:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone

  • Select the scanner from the available devices and pair it

  • Navigate into the seventhings app via settings (the three dashes in the upper left corner) to "Scan Mode", "Bluetooth Device" and select the scanner for pairing

  • Now scan the following barcode:

  • Click on the small checkmark in the upper right corner to confirm the pairing

  • You are now connected to the scanner and can start scanning

The Quick Guide from Zebra gives a detailed overview of the whole pairing process as well as general information regarding the scanner:

(The QR-Codes can be found there on page 17 as well .)

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