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Copy objects in the seventhings app
Copy objects in the seventhings app

New objects, with similar or the same data as an existing object, can be created simply by copying.

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Especially when adding objects of which you have several of the same type, you can save a lot of time using the copy function. For example, you don't have to add each chair individually.


The copy feature is also available in the web app for all customers.

Learn more by dropping by here .

This is how it works:


  • In the app, only information from fields that are also displayed in the app are copied. I.e. even if more fields are shown in the detail view in your web app, only what is shown in the app counts when copying in the app.

  • How you can set which fields should be displayed in the app, we will show you under the following link: please follow this way.

seventhings (blue icon)

Option 1 - copy from existing assets

  • Open the app and log in

Tap on the object icon at the bottom of the app bar:

  • Open the object you want to copy - this can of course also be done via the search bar

Tap on the copy icon:

The view of the new object opens automatically with the copied data from the original inventory. You will recognise that you are in the copied object if the copy icon is not present.

Here you can now enter your new scan code and other information about your new inventory and then save it.

Option 2 - copy existing assets in new data records

If you receive a delivery of several identical inventories, you may want to label, scan and copy them at the same time. Then you can proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to the scan mode.

  • Choose your preselection

  • Scan the label of your new inventory.

  • Click on the copy icon.

  • Select or the inventory from which you want to copy the information from.

  • The data has now all been copied from the data record to your new inventory.

  • Click on Save.

seventhings Offline Mode (white icon)

  • Open the app and log in

  • Choose your Preselection/ room and location

  • Tap the search field at the bottom of the screen

  • Give the new object a new scan code

  • Instead of entering all values manually, click on the objects icon in the head

  • Select the object whose properties you wish to copy

  • Add additional information if necessary

  • Confirm by clicking on Copy info or the small check mark in the upper right corner

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