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Why can't I add more objects?
Why can't I add more objects?

Why you may not be able to take more inventory via your web app or mobile app.

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There may be several reasons, as follows, why you cannot currently add more objects:

Reason 1:You have reached the maximum number of objects according to your license level.

  • You can find out how many objects are included in your license package in your order confirmation, which was provided to you by our sales team when you placed your order.

  • If you want to add more objects or change to the next license level, please contact your sales contact.

Reason 2: There are still objetcs in the list of archived objects that take space from you for new objects.

  • Your archived objects remain in the database until you delete them finally

  • So the objects in the archived list count into the objects quota of your license level until the final deletion

  • If you want to save space, then empty your list of archived objects, how exactly you have to proceed for this, we show you in the following article, here

Reason 3: You lack the user rights to add more objects.

  • Your system administrator may not have assigned you rights to add objects, if you can rule out reason 1 and 2, please approach your system administrator and get the rights unlocked if necessary.

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