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How do I rearrange the columns in my inventory list?
How do I rearrange the columns in my inventory list?

Here we show you how to change the arrangement of your objects list using drag & drop.

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The objects list is your main workspace in the seventhings inventory manager. To make it as clear and efficient as possible for you, you can change the order of the individual columns.

And this is how it works:

  • Go to the objects menu

  • Click the Columns button in the top right corner

  • Click with the left mouse button on the 6 dots next to the name of the column you want to move

  • Hold down mouse button and drag the field to where you want the column to be in the list.

  • You can show and hide columns using the checkbox - this way you can see only the information you need in the list.


If your desired field is not in the list, then the visibility in the detailed view is switched off. Navigate to "Settings", "Fielddefinitions Objects" and search for the desired field. Click on the pencil icon and activate the button "Show in detail view".

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