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How do I assign a task for an object?
How do I assign a task for an object?
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Our new task management offers you the possibility to add tasks to your object.

The next maintenance, the request for inventory or a reminder to your colleague - our new task tool offers you an easy solution.

Task management on the object

To create a task for an object, open the detail view and click on the column icon you see highlighted in the image below.

To create a new task, select "Create task". The following dialog window will open.

Here you can give your task a title, set the due date, assign the task to a person, select the time of the reminder and specify the task with remarks. With a click on add, the task will now be listed on the object.

The assigned person will receive an email notification with the task content both on the due date and at the selected reminder times.

Task Management

In addition, it is possible to access the totality of all created tasks in the object view at the top right.

In the task management it is possible to mark tasks as completed. It is also possible to edit the tasks by multiple selection.

Rights management for task management

Here the displayed tasks differ depending on whether you have the right "task management" or not.

  1. Users who have been assigned this right can view all tasks that have been created.

  2. Users who have not been assigned the right can only see the tasks they have created themselves or the tasks that have been assigned to them.

The right to manage tasks can be found in the user rights under the role management.

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