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What does "Confirm inventory data" mean?
What does "Confirm inventory data" mean?

We offer you the possibility to confirm inventory data from several objects at the same time.

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By confirming the inventory data, the status of one or more objects is set to OK, provided it has the status New. This overwrites the current room of the object to the target room. Especially if you have added many new objects via the app, you can confirm for all inventories that they are where they should be.


If you would like to find out more about what the status says about an object, click here.

And this is how it works:

  • Go to the Objects-Menu

  • Select the inventories to be confirmed using the checkboxes


Filters could be usefull here to filter out the objects which you want to confirm the inventroy data off. We'll explain how to filter here.

Please note, however, that you still need to mark all objects using the checkboxes after filtering.

  • Click the More drop-down menu and select Confirm inventory data

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