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How do I handle objects that are located in the home office?
How do I handle objects that are located in the home office?

What is the best way here to handle data maintenance in seventhings? In this section, we show you what you need to keep in mind.

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1) Properly track the movement of objects between the office and home office:

Depending on the use case, there are various options available to you:

Use Case 1: Each employee has their own user access

  • This allows each team member to be responsible for maintaining their own objects in the software and app.

  • Therefore you should create a location 'Home Office' and a room 'Home Office Example Name' in the system.

  • When moving from the office to the home office or back, the team member can easily store the object in the new room - simply by preselecting it in the app or in the detailed view of the web app.

Use Case 2: Employees do not have their own user access for the software & app

  • In that case, the employee should inform the responsible team member of the asset management (e.g. Office Management) before the objects move from the office to home office and there are several options to do so:

    • Approach:

      • A location has been created called 'Home Office'

      • Corresponding rooms are created, e.g. a general room with the name 'Home Office', then assign the team members in a dropdown menu or if you don't like to use a dropdown field you can create individual rooms with the name 'HO+Name Team Member', the room number can then be e.g. HO.1.M.Employee Name.

      • The team member who wants to take his/her objects home sends an e-mail with the scancode number/photo to the person in charge of the asset management, who then updates the object's rooms in the system.

      • If the team member returns, the same process is run through.

      • In addition, a report can be drawn if required, which is signed by the employee, as a protocol practically.

      • How to create a protocol/report in seventhings, we show you in the following article, please click here.

2.) How do the labels get to the objects in home office?

There are two options available here as well:

Option 1:

  • The person responsible for the inventory (e.g. the office management) can ask the employees in advance which objects they have in their home office and then send the labels to the colleagues, or:

Option 2:

  • A fixed day will be designated for everyone to bring their items into the office so they can be labeled.

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