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How do I use protective laminates from seventhings?
How do I use protective laminates from seventhings?

What these are suitable for and everything else you need to know.

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The protective laminates are intended for PET labels, here it has an overlap of 2mm on each side

RFID labels have a material thickness too bulky to use an overlapping protective laminate.

What are protective laminates for?

The primary purpose of the protective laminates is to protect the print of the label from abrasion as well as to extend its durability.

  • for very heavily used objects such as cell phones, which are often held in the hands and are used a lot, or laptop undersides.

  • Surfaces that are cleaned often and heavily or are in their environment, such as kitchens or hospitals

  • Enables outdoor capability of labels under certain circumstances

Structure of a PET label with protective laminate:

What are they not for?

Protective laminates do not make tje label 100% waterproof. The reason for this is the application and the size of the laminate.


It is important that the film is applied as accurately as possible to the label.

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