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How can i manage low-value assets?
How can i manage low-value assets?

Managing GWG's (low-value assets) in seventhings.

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You have multiple options here:

Option 1: Managing the data on low-value assets

Meaning that you label the low-value asset with a scan code and maintain them in seventhings, just like any other object.


  • Traceable data management

  • Possibility for the traceable return into the product-life-cycle

  • Management of the low-value objects, which in cases of a bigger number of these objects, still represent a great value in the company


  • Increased effort for initial maintenance and follow-up inventories

  • Process of labelling new objects is mostly up to the individual companies themselves

  • Clarification of the clear separation on site - what is mandatory to be capitalised and must be merged with the data records in the accounting system, and what is not.


You can also link objects together and save them under a collective item. We will show you how to do that here.

Option 2: Labelling the objects with a "low-value object - not relevant for inventory"-label

You are labelling the low-value asset with an informative label but don't assign a scancode nor maintain it in seventhings.


  • Clear identification of which objects should be inventoried and which shouldn't


  • Increased effort for initial maintenance and follow-up inventories

  • No further information on the object - sustainable management is difficult

Option 3: no labelling of low-value assets

You don't affix an informative label, nor do you assign a scan code, and thus you do not maintain the object in seventhings.


  • Less effort for inventory and labelling of new objects


  • Assignment during inventories is slightly more difficult, as the employee doing the inventory could ask why an object does not have a label (although most employees actually only go to objects that already have a label attached, the search for missing objects usually takes place afterwards )

  • Pure inventory of capitalized assets - acceptance or motivation for inventory by users partly lower

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