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Cloud vs. On-Premises
Cloud vs. On-Premises

What's the difference and why the cloud is the solution.

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The cloud solution

With a cloud solution, the server is hosted via cloud and the data is backed up externally. You therefore access the software, your data and computing capacities as well as the IT infrastructure via the Internet.

As an end user, you don't have to worry about the software, the server or the IT structure at all. In addition, you are offered the highest security standards.

With the seventhings Cloud solution, we offer you a fast solution with a scalable offer, which means low maintenance costs for you.

On-premises solution

With an in-house solution, the software is installed and operated in your company's network.

All data is hosted and administered internally. This means that you are responsible for the IT infrastructure and data securit yourself.

On-premises software is therefore associated with higher acquisition costs as well as server and maintenance costs.


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